Audience Reflection

  • #5 Kevin Super size me –

Super Size me, is a documentary on how unhealthy the McDonald’s meals are when supersize, the man within the documentary goes on everyday just eating supersized meals from McDonald’s, due to such a decision, he has become obese and incredibly unhealthy. This is somewhat important to teens today to demonstrate what happens when you live off of certain fast food places foods, and how you should point out whats really unhealthy for others.

  • #4 Morgan Griffin Bowling for Columbine –

Within this documentary, people protest to keep their guns and whatnot, meanwhile others wish to take away, this is relevant to today because people wish to take away guns and others want to keep their guns, the reason why this is important for teens to know is because we have faced these issues before and such, and we could learn, so that’s why.

  • #3Lesley Castillo Chasing Ice –

In this documentary, the person investigates icebergs and shows how after many years, they’re melting due to global warming and how it is affecting a lot of other things, this is important to teens because they can learn from this and see how this is an issue and could probably do something as well.

  • #2 David Arriaga The hunting ground –

In this documentary it explains how female students within a certain college have been raped, explaining as well that those who do rape never get arrested or pay for what they’ve done, this is important for teens now, mainly for females, but they can see how colleges may sometimes not protect those who experience this and whatnot.

  • #1 Daniel Nag 2014 Vaccines-calling the shots –

In this documentary, it goes into detail on how vaccines can be both good and bad and going into the myth that vaccine shots are linked to autism, the reason why teens today should watch this, is because they can learn something new and important and understand something new as well as learning that autism is not linked to vaccines shots.

PlayDoh Creation

For my play- doh creation, that I have done recently again. What I have done is create a vehicle, it was supposed to look like a car but looks like a truck or something of the sort. Anyways, the reason I have created this, was to symbolize me, and my life. How this little thing represents me and my life is that it represents my life as a vehicle as said previously, because life is always moving and time wait’s for no one. cause my life, is like a vehicle on a highway, always moving, seeing new things, new people, etc. It just keeps going and going. for example, I could be going to places, meeting new people, or whatever else I am able to do and whatnot. my life, car, just keeps going, and so that is why i chose the car to represent me. Another reason that I chose this to represent me is cause I think cars are alright, and that they’re nice to have, especially at this day and age. It’s just simple looking yet so complex, kind of like  life, my life, which is another reason that I have chosen this specific item based off of a vehicle resembling a truck. That is why I have chosen it to be representing myself as a whole and such. So that concludes this entry blog of the day, it has been explained why I have chosen it, I think it felts me well along with how life is and whatnot.

wordle (word cloud)


This is supposed to be my word cloud thing, (due to the website not cooperating with me at the given time that I have done this, it messes up every save along with wordle not working). Anyways, one of the words is, respectful, I respect some of my peers and teachers and others as well. Loud, at given times I can be really loud when I choose to be along with the word chill, cause i’m usually just calm and tired. Interesting, due to me behaving so random and odd yet sort of funny at times or smart. strange, is self explanatory for me. The words are supposed to form a trophy because I like winning and making goals to achieve.

“Safe Spaces” and “Trigger Warnings” in Universities

Safe Space, what is that you may ask? Well, it’s basically in the name, people in there are safe, from anything that may ”trigger” them. What does “trigger”? It mean’s to get into an aggressive/stressed stage, to lash out on others, over something said or done. These type of people are usually your standard type of ”sjw”. Those kind of people usually find the simplest of things offensive and will get offended words, person, biological sex, etc. The reason it is the main topic of this blog is because some people wish to have safe spaces in colleges, university’s and whatnot. What may their reason for wanting such a thing? You may ask, well, these people wish to have such said “safe space’s” and “trigger warnings” so they cannot be offended or scared of the most silliest things you can possibly imagine. Such as the examples said before, they’ll get triggered over words, certain topics and arguments, people, and their biological sex. Now, many others disagree over this, saying people should grow up, get over it, learn to become an adult and climb over such things themselves so they can adapt. I am one of those people, I agree with what they say and such. To the people who think that it is necessary for universities to include “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” need to see what other major problems that are happening and whatnot rather than arguing over something so silly and nearly pointless. Now, I would understand that some people don’t want others to get offended or have them being mocked and such, but they need to learn to ignore others and carry on, or be mature about the situation and debate about it rather than being treated like a child and have others tell you that their are possible triggers or that you need to be safe in a safe space. No.

Mock interview Reflection 2017

  1. I felt very confident, energetic, enthusiastic, etc. I believe seeing through the perspective of the interviewer help’s me understand how I should act, and it makes me prepared, because you see what it’s like to interview someone and whatnot.
  2. I felt confident, energetic, positive, because I was giving it my all and whatnot.
  3. just try to be serious or just experiment on what you are going to say if you do the mock interview.
  4. if it was real i would prepare to the best of my ability and dress as formal as I can
  5. I think what was great about this activity was practicing and pretending to be the interviewer and the interviewee.
  6.  I think the activity overall was pretty fun and a great experience, took it seriously for a bit, seen some ways we should formally talk, etc. maybe improve it by making us interview more people perhaps.
  7. “why do you think you are suitable for this position?”. A good way to respond to a question such as this is responding with confidence in a formal and subtle way.  A good example of that is to say “Why do I think I am Suitable for this position? I don’t think I am, I believe I am. I believe that I am suitable for this position because I am willing to give it my all and provide the best I can for myself and most importantly, you”. A bad example of this would maybe go like this, “I think I am suitable for this job, because I need that money”. The difference between these two responses is the good one sounded like it had a lot of confidence and enthusiasm yet formal. The other one sounded lazy and you don’t tell them you need money.

Entry Log Challenge

Top 5 things you should never post on social media

  • posting anything in a disrespectful manner full of swears while disagreeing with something or someone
  • any sexually or explicit pictures or text
  • don’t post anything that is too offensive against a certain group of people or religion
  • tell anyone’s secrets on the internet
  • post someones picture of their face with out their permission
  • don’t post anything about your beliefs whether it would be politics that would trigger someone

Top 5 things you should understand before commenting

  • Be careful on what you say on your post, so you don’t trigger anyone
  • If you’re going to criticize others or their political beliefs and etc. be sure you’re actually knowing what you’re talking about, even though you probably shouldn’t be doing in the first place
  • if you’re going to spread what you strongly believe and that others who think otherwise are wrong, please explain your reasoning with actual evidence and be open to criticism, or else you might get roasted
  • if you are the type of person to post 24/7 on where they are and what you’re doing just know that not everyone cares where you are at all times
  •  do not post sexual content

Black history month

The person who I will talk about is going to be Martin Luther King Jr. This is the man that led many black american people to rise up against the unfair laws of the U.S back in the day. He led a revolution of many black american’s so they can rise up against the government for  their unfair treatment of black american citizens. They continued to protest and not follow the laws of the government that was put on them and kept doing and kept doing it and so on, until they accomplished what they were seeking for, rights for black american citizens, granted not all white Americans were happy about this, they still were treated kind of the same just not as bad as it was before their rights. But what Martin Luther King Jr. did forever changed the U.S and their ways of treating black Americans as well as any other colored american citizens. They led many schools, stores, shops ,market’s, etc. to allow black american citizens to enter them and use their items as they wish or anything like that. What Martin Luther King Jr. did inspired many other people in the U.S and influenced them to do great things and fight for what they believe in and fight for equality as long as it was peaceful and not irrational and crazy like riots and what not, but we all know they will still do so, for some reason. So that was the person I have talked about for black history month.

GRAFF TEMPLATE for Social Issue Research Paper


Name_______Alexander Ruiz_________________________________________ Period_____2_____


GRAFF Template (Abstract)

Please fill in the information based upon your “stance” on your particular topic as.  Feel free to write this out on a separate sheet of paper or type into Microsoft Word.


In recent discussions of drinking age in america, a controversial issue has been whether


the it should be lowered or not.  


On the one hand, some argue that it should be lowered


From this perspective, They say that it should be lowered because the students can be smarter about their choices and will be responsible.


On the other hand, however, others argue that it should not be lowered.  In the words of one of this views


main supporters, “people drinking under 21 are more likely to get intoxicated rather people over 21

‘’(Stephanie Turner).


According to this view, they believe that the drinking age should not be lowered due to the extra harmful effects.  In sum, then, the issue is whether


the drinking age should be lowered orit should not be lowered.


My own view is that is that it should be lowered.  Though


I concede that the drinking age is not on the rise because of youth wanting to rebel and drink and due to peer pressure and not many of the factors are due to underage drinking in accidents, I still


maintain that that it should not be lowered.


For example, young adults who are in college will be affected by alcohol due to the use of drinking it because it kills brain cells.


Although some might object that I may be wrong,


I reply that they are completely wrong due to the fact that it has been scientifically proven that it drinking alcohol kills off brain cells.


The issue is important because if the drinking age is lowered more accidents will happen and the amount of college student underperforming will rise.


Do you agree that the drinking age should be lowered/ stay the same? why?

play-doh creation

For the play-doh creation I did a game controller, because I love playing video games and I always enjoy have a good time when I play games. I would always love to play video games with my friends and sometimes my family. I have always loved to play video games back when I was around 6 to 8 when I had my NES. I would have always played donkey kong and doom. Then we got our first xbox my love for playing video games have really sparked. I enjoyed being able to play online and communicate with others that either play the same games you do or don’t play. I have always enjoyed this feature which allowed me to make new friends and to connect with the ones I know at school. Whether or not people think video games are good or bad, in my opinion I think video games are good and It is my favorite hobby to do. The amount of times I have had fun while  playing video games is an amount I can never get exact because I mostly have a great time, especially with modern games such as overwatch, rainbow six siege etc. People tend to be extremely serious or competitive when they play games like those and i’m just here to have a great time and remain optimistic about things especially when we lose on one of the games. The point is I love video games and it shaped me into the person I am, I know i’m not perfect, but that’s who I am.


Alex Ruiz

According to this link many people are saying no to universities offering ”safe spaces”and ”trigger warnings”. They say it’s okay for the people that have experienced traumatizing experience but if it’s just for something silly like someone disagreeing with you or how their argument is being presented then no it shouldn’t be allowed to them. people need to learn to grow up and face their probllems head on. People need to grow in an  enviroment where they are forced to acknoledging problems. IF they don’t they will jsut be a genereation of a bunch of easily triggered whiners that complain about everything. people just need to grow up and learn how to ddeal wiht their situations and not blame anybody or anything just so they can avoid it. The other side of the argument hasn’t really had much people talk about why they feel universities should offer ”safe spaces and ”trigger warnings” but there were some explanations. Some say they need the a ssafe space so they can brace compose/brace themselves and look for people to talk to for emotional support on the subject. another reason they say universites should offer is because some people who have an actual diagnosis or note from a healthcare professional then they’ll be able to use it.